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Learn Audio Mastering

Would you like to learn professional audio mastering to either start your own online business or master your own projects?  I can teach you in a matter of weeks what took me over 17 long years to learn!

Hello, my name is John Rogers.  I've been mastering music professionally since 1999 at my studio JR mastering.  Since then, I've mastered over 30,000 songs for more than 7,500 highly satisfied customers.


A Great Learning Guide!

This book was written in simple plain English.  I eliminated all hi-tech jargon, so anyone at any level can understand and learn from this 180 page book.
I included only the information you need to become a top audio mastering engineer!

Written In 2017

This book covers current mastering techniques using newer (mostly home studio) gear.  
Music instructional books written around 2007 or earlier are primarily analog gear using old school mastering techniques since 90% of the current software plugins weren’t available at that time.

I Make Mastering Simple

There are 1,000’s of different effects combinations and sonic scenarios.  And when you first start out in audio mastering, you’ll trial and error your way through hundreds of combinations for each song, that takes forever!  It’s easy to get lost in technology. 
In this book, I simplify the entire audio mastering process down to a handful of basic concepts and effects combinations.  Only the ones you need to properly master music.

17 Years Of Information

I start out with basic terms, audio mastering laws and procedures before moving on to advanced sonic adjustment techniques and detailed step-by-step instructions.  I not only use pictures but also incorporate a few online sound and video references.

Your Music Is Worth It!

You’ve invested hundreds, if not thousands, of hours into your music.   
If you’re serious about it, now’s the time to make a very small financial investment in this book so your music will sound the very best it can!


Note - This Is A 180 Page Guide Book You Will Be Sent In The Mail. 
This Is NOT a PDF Download.





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