The Best Audio Mastering Video Tutorials, Courses, Classes, & Books by John Rogers

Here's a list of the best mastering technique articles written by me, John Rogers of JR Mastering.

What Does Mastering Do To Your Song?
Exactly what does the mastering process do to a song.

Why Get A Song Mastered?
Is it just a waste of time to get your music mastered?

What Is Headroom In Audio?
The definition of headroom in music.

Why Is Headroom Important?
Do you really need headroom in your mixes before mastering?

How Much Headroom To Leave For Mastering?
Here's the exact amount of headroom you need!

Mastering Samples
Here's how your songs should sound!

Mastering A Song For Radio Play
Get your tracks ready for the radio!

Should I Go To School For Audio Engineering?
Is Engineering school really needed?

Prepare Song For Mastering
Here's all you need to know!

How To Master A Song
The basics of how to properly master a song.

How Do You Calibrate Studio Monitors?
The easy way to properly setup your studio monitors.

Speaker Placement For Your DAW Home Recording Studio
After calibration, here's the proper positioning for your speakers.

Sound Proofing Your Recording Studio
Sound proofing isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Best Recording Studio Room Size
Here are a few tips on choosing your recording studio size.

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Music Mixing Book

Recording Studio Book


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