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Hello, my name is John Rogers owner of JR mastering and author of the current #1 Best Selling Audio Mastering Book on Amazon.com which is now available in a video course!  Since 1999, I've worked with over 8,000 satisfied clients (that's 6-8 per week).  I've also mastered music for grammy award winners, several songs charted #1 in Europe, and my masters have been played by DJs all over the world. 

I would like to teach you everything I've learned since 1999!

Audio Mastering Secrets Book audio mastering secrets video course

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(This course took me over 6 months to create)

You can watch it on your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, all devices!

If you're not happy with my video series, just shoot me an
email within 7 days and I will refund your payment. 
No questions asked.

A few clients watched only the Step by Step Mastering Session videos and found that was all they needed (though I recommend you should watch/read the entire course).

Step by Step Mastering Sessions (10 songs) (Over 2.5 hours)
My step by step mastering session videos show live mastering sessions of 10 songs.  
1 Hard Rock, 1 80s Rock, 1 Pop Alternative, 1 Santana-ish, 1 Pop Dance, 1 EDM, 1 Chill EDM, and 3 Rap/Hip Hop.


You'll see the methods I use when mastering are very consistent steps that you can quickly pick up and learn.

I also include bonus tips and advice while going through my step progression.  This video brings everything together, when you can actually see the correct professional way to master music, and see what you've read in my books.

1. Audio Master Laws, Tips, and Advice (46:36)
Several videos that fill in the missing pieces that are not in other parts of the course.  Tips, advice and absolute LAWS that you cannot break.  Break a few of these laws, and I will guarantee your CD project will be a disaster.  46 minutes of strong advice.

2. The Processors Used In Audio Mastering (14:11)
The types of processors I used to master over 40,000 songs.

3. The 4 Bands In Audio Mastering (9:32)
In audio mastering, we work in Bands.  Here's a quick overview.

4. Analyzing A .Wav File Before Mastering (11:58)
This is the first step in audio mastering (after importing the song).

5. How To Correctly Set Your Song Volumes (8:10)
How do I get all my songs the same volume?  How loud is my song supposed to be?  Is my song too loud?  All these questions are answered in this quick 8 min video.

6. Compression Made Easy (19:49)
I've listen to over 1,000 clients attempts at mastering, and masters from other studios (some charging $100 a song).  75% of what I heard, they have NO CLUE how to compress a song.  In this video I explain what compression is, your goals, how to use compressors, everything you need to know about compression in audio mastering is in this 20 min video!

7. Understanding Equalization And Spectral Enhancement (27:05)
Which processors are used for EQ?  Most people don't know a compressor is one of them.  When do you use them, what are your goals, what's the difference between EQ and spectral enhancement?  Almost a half hour of priceless information you
want find anywhere else.

You can spend 100 hours on youtube looking for free videos, and you'll never find at least half the information in my course!  And even better, you won't get any "wrong" information from my course either.  That will ruin your project.  

So, how much is my course? 
$3,000, $2,000, $995, $495

Only $49 for the entire course lifetime subscription!

I charge $39 to master ONE song.  For only $49, I master 10 songs in this video, and show YOU how to master your ENTIRE ALBUM!


(Email proof of purchase to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


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