Music Resources

JR Mastering
My mixing and mastering website.

2023 Review Of The Best Music Production Services
2023 review of the top music production services and products.

Christian Boys - Mastered By JR mastering
One of my first projects many many years ago.

Cheap Audio Mastering
Super cheap mixing and audio mastering services by Brett Anderson.

Opportunity Junkies
Business opportunity info.  Includes recording studio and mixing and mastering tips.

Mega Viral Marketing
Get more traffic for your your music videos, new song, video, business, and more!

PrimeTime Wins
Sports website that includes blogs, fantasy advice and sports picks.

FREE Mastering Service
Free audio mastering by JR Mastering.

How To Master A Song Video
Episode #1 Audio Mastering Secrets series.

Free Music Production Videos
Free Audio Mastering Secrets video series.

Recording Studio Blog
Free recording studio advice, tips and tricks.

Best Mastering Book
The best book to learn professional audio mastering.

Review Sage Audio
Review of Cheap Audio Mastering vs Sage Audio.

Hip Hop & Rap Engineer Mixing and Mastering Services
Looking for the best Hip Hop & Rap engineers this is the place!

ROCK Engineer Mixing and Mastering Services
Looking for the best Rock engineers this is the place!

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