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I love the saying, "If you give a man a fish he eats for a day, but if you teach a man how to fish he eats for a lifetime!"

Well, from this book you will learn how to professionally master audio for a lifetime!  Then you can properly master your entire CD, your friend's CD, even open your own audio mastering business.  If you're already commercially mastering audio at your own recording studio, I'm sure you will still learn a lot from this book.

This book is a learning guide, filled with in-depth information. I wrote it from the perspective of a recording studio owner who's worked with over 7,500 satisfied clients.  One reason I did this is because I wanted to cover only typical situations and scenarios you will experience while audio mastering, not a hundred extra pages of theory and worthless topics you'll never use.  I included only the information you need to know.

Audio mastering is a highly technical field.  There are 1,000's of different effects combinations and sonic scenarios.  And when you first start out in audio mastering, you'll trial and error your way through hundreds of combinations for each song, that will take you forever!  It's very easy to get lost in technology.

In this book, I simplify the entire audio mastering process down to a handful of basic concepts and effects combinations.  Only the ones you need to properly master music.

Also, this book was first released in 2017.  It covers current mastering techniques using newer gear.  Books written around 2007 or earlier are primarily analog gear using old school mastering techniques, since 90% of the current software plugins weren't available at that time.

In this book, I explain:

What your mastering goals are.

How to use the processors involved in mastering.

When to use them.

Why you are using them.

I start out with basic terms, audio mastering laws and procedures before moving on to advanced sonic adjustment techniques and detailed step-by-step instructions.  I not only use pictures, but also incorporate a few online sound and video references.  Everything you need to become a great audio mastering engineer!

Important Note - Please read this book in its entirety.  I try to repeat the most important concepts and tips, but sometimes I mention very important information only once.  If you read only 75% of this book (or less), you will miss out on a lot of great stuff!

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